( Pre Order ) Bebefood Baby Soy Sauce (For Soup) 180 ml [ 10 Months + ]
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Brand Bebefood
Size (L x W x H) 10 cm x 15 cm x 25 cm
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  • 180ml
  • Type: Soy sauce (mixed sauce)
  • Exp date: 1 year from manufacturer
  • 100% Korean soybean
  • Low sodium
  • Natural ingredients

Bebefood Soy Sauce (For Soup)
Contents: 180 ml / Korean traditional fermented soy sauce 33.5 %, Korean brewed soy sauce 16.8 %

100% Korean soybean
Made with Korean soybean washed cleanly.

Korean traditional soy sauce
Preserve nutrition and flavor of soy sauce by containing soy sauce made on Korean traditional fermentation basis.

Low sodium
Lower 6~10% in sodium level than general soy sauce.

All natural
Contain natural flavoring with green tea, kelp and spring onion instead of artificial additives.

Sanitary manufacturing
Manufactured in hygienic facility managed by strict standard.



  • Store in a dry and cool location at room temperature (1~35℃).
  • Be sure to keep under refrigeration after opening.
  • This product is manufactured in facility using soybean, shrimp, wheat.
  • Check the ingredients if you allergic to certain ingredients.